I feel very thankful for being a part of the Counselling training. ADI is the best when it comes to learning the nitty gritty of Professional counselling in Africa. The classes were highly impactful and enlightening, it really exposed me to deeper knowledge as regards the help ministry. Thank you Doctor Timi Oyebode, you are a blessing. The training is one of the best gifts I gave myself this year. God bless the ADI crew. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Glory Adedolapo

Soul Coach /Professional Counselor /Therapist

The student experience was phenomenal. Every lecturer facilitated the learning experience to ignite the counselling passion in me. It was clear in just a few classes that this was a profession I want to be involved in. Every lecturer was so professional while being human.
I salute the crop of people that make up faculty. Its icing on the cake was that as a student you are expected to grow your passion into practice.
THANK YOU ADI for an unforgettable learning experience
Coming to ADI was phenomenal. It has really helped me to be able to help people rightly. It’s not just a feather but another feather of responsibility added to my cap. I just have to be in congruence with myself and make sure I achieve that with everyone I come across.
The training is birthing and bringing to life the real me (My Purpose & Calling). It has drawn me back to the point where God gave me my calling. Isaiah 61: 1-5. Seriously, professional counselling is deliverance. If I keep saying it, I won’t stop. God bless Dr. Oluwatimileyin Oyebode for obeying God. Thumbs up to the crew too, all our facilitators, you are amazingly awesome.
I set out on this journey to gain more knowledge so that I could help ‘save’ people. What I didn’t know was that l was saving myself. Only with coungruence with one’s self can a Counsellor effectively help a Counsellee. I became Congruent. Now I can be a better counsellor because I attended this school.

Grace Alheri Etsiye

GRACELYN Counselling Services

The training experience was exciting, funtastic and therapeutic for me. Its surprising to know how much emotional baggage we carry around. I am glad that I have been equipped to help people unburden. I am optimistic about the future and I can’t wait for the Diploma Class.
I think that the courses were impactful in helping me to understand emotional and behavioral discovery about myself and potential clients.
It comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to journey into the understanding of minds.

Odejide Janet Ibukunoluwa

The three months taught me that people are not what they seem most times. I have learned to look beneath and not on the surface. To see things differently and be less judgemental or put everyone in the same mold. People have different experiences that have shaped their lives and what they become. But most especially I have learned that I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Amaka Mozia