ADI-CPNN Alumni Family was inaugurated at the 7th year anniversary of ADI to help past students reconnect and be a part of the growth of the college.
Life after graduation takes our students into many places and directions. Whether to seek career opportunities as a professional counsellor or start up a private practice, they are sure to encounter some bumps on the way, hence the ADI-CCPN Alunmi Family – AAF aim to be able to keep our graduates going despite all.

Benefits & Services

Alumni Awards

Two distinguished awards given out yearly

  1. Outstanding Counsellor of the Year
  2. Volunteer Counsellor of the Year

Give Back

There are several reasons why we would encourage you to give to the ALUMNI purse

Positively impact students’ lives and help someone get the most out of their time at ADI-CCPN by supporting the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Gifts to the Alumni Association Purse help fund events and reunion programs put on for alumni and friends

Donors at specific levels receive numerous benefits from the Alumni Association including ticketed special event invites, special publications, marketing opportunities and more.

Help us maintain and create volunteer opportunities for all alumni and friends throughout the year. By volunteering with the Alumni Association, you can help give back to ADI-CCPN
Give Back to ADI- CCPN
ADI-CCPN had stood in the gap over the years bridging the knowledge base for professional counsellors in Nigeria and Africa at large, our collective support can aid the institution to grow and reach more milestones.

Send Your Gift for AAF Purse to;
Attitude Development International
Access/Diamond Bank
Use ‘Alumni Purse’ as narrative.

New ALUMNI Sign up/ Profile Update
Once you had taken any of the courses at ADI-CCPN, you are qualified to join the Alumni. After your classes, you would be added to the ADI WhatsApp & Telegram group which serves as engagement forum for all Alumni. However for the Alumni coordinators/secretariats to capture your details, kindly fill this form.
After your studies, you can become a member of Africa Network of Professional Counsellors (ANEPCO), Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON), British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), International Association of Counselling (IAC).
Joining any of these associations will enable you to network with other Counselling professionals and acquire your licence to practice from the Association or Government agencies.