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Are you struggling with sexual & physical abuse, rape, domestic violence, suicidal feelings, divorce, depression, mental illness, child molestation, sexuality conflicts, addiction to porn/masturbation/homosexuality and other addictions? Do you need Pre-marital or Relationship counselling? Marriage or Family Counselling? Career or Workplace or Retirement Counselling? You may book a session with our certified professional counsellors and therapists in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Rwanda

These could be;

Our Email session is FREE, also our in-training counsellors offers FREE online/onsite sessions every Friday (prior booking is needed).

To engage with any of our certified therapists, a fee is charged.

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Send an email to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or contact +234 814 916 3604, +234 905 926 8663

All sessions are confidential.