Why Attend ADI-CCPN


Counselling skills change lives…

Divorce, depressions, trauma, addiction and sexual problems are increasing worldwide and Africa is no exception. Unfortunately, we are not adequately equipped to handle these challenges that affect our social and mental health, compromising our abilities to experience a fulfilled life and sadly the training needed to acquire these skills are not readily available here in Nigeria and many other African countries.

ADI COUNSELING SCHOOL, a subsidiary of Attitude Development International (ADI) registered in 2015 is Nigeria’s leading Humanistic Integrative Counselling Training School with various designed cognitive courses (with the African culture and context in view) to adequately equip our students-counsellors and others in the help-work while taking into account every student existing life experiences and skills.Engaging with various range of human experiences and difficulties, our courses are useful to people in both formal and non-formal counselling contexts. Youth workers, Teachers, Group Leaders, Religious Leaders, Family life practitioners, Medical Practitioners, Human Resource Managers, NGO workers, Parents and ordinary people interested in improving their own lives and the lives of others.
Our courses run weekdays and weekends. We are committed to promote the highest professional standards in our teachings and counselling practices.

Our Courses Includes;

Course Registration

Tution, Fees & Discount

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality in training and also committed to providing this educational opportunity at a cost that is more than affordable. Current course tuition can be requested from school admin/ student service.

Discount are available for referrals, group participation and family members enrolling for a course the first family member had already taken with ADI.

Discount are always available for students also taking any partner institute or organization courses through ADI.

Why Attend Our Institute

We will help you become that person; people are looking for to help with their problems. We will help you achieve your dreams of helping others. We will provide you platforms and opportunities to meet with others of like-passion. We will empower you with exercises and techniques for personal transformation.


We will help you stand out and build a successful career or practice as a counsellor!

Licensure, Accreditation, Approval and Partnership

ADI is registered as a counselling and educational service with Cooperate Affairs Commission, Nigeria with approval from Lagos State Ministry of Education. We work in collaboration/accreditation with Africa Network of Professional Counsellors (ANEPCO) and affiliation with Triune Biblical University, Global Extension USA

Our Professional Counselling Course Certificate is not a license but a verification of your training so you can present yourself as a professional.

Our Affiliation and Membership includes;