Congratulations on completing the course. You now understand the basis of counselling and how best to counsel people.

The course has given you a complete grounding in all aspects of counselling, a benefit which few counsellors gain. By gaining this greater level of knowledge and competence, you will achieve your personal goals more easily.

Good luck from all of us at the ADI COUNSELLING SCHOOL.


Here are some suggestions for further activity:

·        Review the assignments you submitted, and your tutor’s remarks on them.

·        Re-do any assignment you are less than wholly satisfied with. See whether, with your greater experience, you could improve it.

·        Ensure that you have completed any additional projects your tutor may have suggested.

·        Systematically analyse the people you come into contact with, henceforth.

·        Evaluate how balanced and satisfied people are.

  • Deliberately take note of people’s personalities and temperament

·        Look in your library or bookshop for books in counselling.

·        Read online magazines and e-zine on counselling.

  • Talk about your new skill/ knowledge with other people
  • Print out the Therapist Heart picture, read it out loud to your self, paste it where you would be reminded often.
  • Find every opportunity to practice, practice and practice!

With this course, you can begin to present yourself as a trained counsellor but to run your own counselling business and practice as a professional counsellor in the global community, you need to study further, that is, you need to plan NOW to join our Diploma certificate students.

To know more about the Diploma class and when we may be having our CPD courses in your location, send us an email; or check our website for details.

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