Course Description & Module


Kindly note that all expectations in terms of assignments, personal therapy, project research work, 100 client hours, group book review, attendance and participation are prerequisite to writing your examination and graduation.

Videos: The videos are attached to the modules, let’s download the modules and also watch the videos 

Assignment: All assignments are to be turned in appropriately

Module assignments: most of the modules have assignments to be turned in on the learning portal 

Examination: a live exam written at the end of the program (not take home)

Attendance: There is a fortnight whatsapp engagement which is compulsory as it counts for your attendance.

Weekly convergence/engagement: We will be meeting every other week of Saturday (Fortnightly) by 6pm on the group platform to review the book titled “The Gift of Therapy” by Dr. Irvin D. Yalom. Five chapters of the book will be reviewed and submitted (Highlighting lessons from each of the chapter – from a therapist’s point of view).

N.B Late submission of any of the above assignments reduces the score by 50%. 

Also, there would be opportunity to ask questions from the course modules studied per week.  Our Facilitators would be available to do justice to any question raised.

Requirements for Graduation:

  1. Every student is required to write a project work of at least 50 pages on your preferred topic with respect to your area of counselling e.g Marriage and Family, Abuse, Addiction, Trauma, Children/Teen Counselling etc.

Note: Everyone is expected to come with at least 3 proposed topics in the chosen area of counselling. 

  • Everyone is expected to undergo personal therapy of at least 4 sessions with any professional Counsellor of your choice
  • An hundred client’s hours is expected from every Diploma student. You are to have therapy sessions of 100 hours in total with various clients. Should in case you need a reference letter as an intern in any place where counselling or therapy would be needed, the institution will be happy to give you a reference letter in this regard. Also, if you would need a placement for your client’s hour, please feel free to contact us.
  • There would also be an exam to write at the end of this course and this would be given to us at a stipulated time

Course Modules:

Module 1: The Professional Counsellor

Module 2: Developing Therapeutic Alliance

Module 3: Transference and Counter-Transference

Module 4: Setting Up A Practice

Module 5: Counselling Theories 2

Module 6: Marriage Counselling 2

Module 7: Pre-Marital Counselling

Module 8: Sex Therapy 2

Module 9: Counselling Research

Module 10: Trauma Counselling

Module 11: Business of Counselling

Module 12: Online Counselling

Module 13: Public Speaking

Module 14: Mindfulness and Mindreading/Presupposition

Module 15: Online Marketing

Module 16: Group Therapy

Module 17: Workplace Counselling

Module 18: Use of Assessment

Module 19: Personal Therapy

Module 20: Faith-Based Counselling

Module 21: Addiction

Course Completed and Ending Notes

NB: The modules can be completed on a weekly basis while students are mindful of the expected weekly book review engagement as well.

All the Best,

ADI Faculty.