Counselling Skills



A blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Hence, counsellors need to master and sharpen the skills involve in counselling for effective and danger-free practices

1.      Beginning Counselling video

2.      Setting the stages (Interview stage, working stage, termination stage and follow up stage)

3.      Questioning skills

4.      Listening skills

5.      Rapport building

6.      Summarizing &Paraphrasing

7.      Focusing &Challenging

8.      Boundaries Setting


·        Love executioner’s chapter 4 review

·        Explain what Self-counselling means and it can be used in Christian Counselling

·        Do a 10mins – 20mins video of a counselling session, majorly showing how to begin and end a session. This can be done by role playing with an available person and not necessarily a real client.