Setting Up A Practice

Setting Up A Practice 1: Types Of Client

This Course takes the Counsellor through the journey of how will you position yourself, the types of clients you want, the types of counselling and other challenges you might face in Counselling.


Write an essay on how you will find clients.

  • How will you position yourself?
  • What type of clients will you seek?
  • What services will you offer?
  • Can you bring any experience to bear?
Setting Up A Practice 2: How To Find Clients 2
The Counsellor will be taught how to justify their fees, making your website, where to advertise and much more    
Write a 500 – 1,000 word essay on how you will find clients.
Where will you advertise?
What will it cost?
How will you contact your prospect?
Apart from advertising or letterbox stuffers, are there any other approaches you could make?  

Setting Up A Practice 3: Finances And Legal Issues

Here, the Counsellor will know how to how much to charge, when to  terminate sessions, Client files, your business name, keeping financial records


Marketing plan

Organizations rarely succeed without adopting a professional and consistent approach to marketing. The same is true for counsellors. In an earlier module you considered how you would approach clients. Now that you are approaching the end of the course, please now consider what practical steps you are actually going to take.

Where will you advertise? For what period of time? What will you say? What will it cost?

What kind of organizations will you approach? How many letters will you send? Where will you get names and addresses? What percentage of response will you anticipate?

Don’t rely on a single campaign. Imagine that the response to your initial campaign is very low ( it can happen to the best mailers and the most talents counsellors). What further promotional activity will you undertake? Design a promotional programme, perhaps based on the format shown below. Indicate in the boxes the action you will take (for example, leaflet drop to 1000 house). Try to put more than one activity in each month. Prepare a plan for at least the next six months.

Setting Up A Practice 4: The Advanced Counsellor

In this course, you would learn how to handle clients you don’t like, Liaise with other professionals, how to use transactional analysis and much more    
Why is it important that counselling sessions are timed?   When might it be appropriate for counsellors to break confidentiality?