Marriage Counselling 2

Do you want to be a Marriage Counsellor? This Course would help you to understand the client’s goals when couples come for help, what approach to use, counsellors strategies, how to counsel a couple in 4 sessions, marriage guidance and divorce, adultery, loss of libido, infertility, sexual difficulty and money issues

■ How long have they been partners?
■ Where and how did they been partner?
■ What did their parents do? What was the reaction of their parents to them living together or marrying?
■ What children have they had (if any)?
■ What do they think of each child?
■ What regrets do they have?
■ What successes have they had in their relationship?
■ What are their values?
■ What would they do differently if they had their time again?
■ What causes differences of agreement in their relationship

Interview a couple
Find a couple to talk to. Tell them you are doing a counselling course, and that you would like to interview them. Tell them that anything they say will be in strictest confidence. Set a time for a session. During the session, seek to find out relevant quantitative (factual) and qualitative (attitudinal) information. Below are listed some of the question you might ask.