Course Description & Module:

Course Description:

The way that you counsel other people is determined by how you understand yourself, other people, life’s pressures, and change. This course addresses the depth, breadth, and balance of your understanding. This course is about people. It is about how we face the troubles of life. It is about how we deal with our inner struggles.

Through case studies, class lectures, assigned readings, and homework, you’ll explore these practical skills of help-work. Some assessment tests and counselling projects will help you to make first-hand, practical application of the concepts learned in class.

Course Outline

Week 1: Course Introduction and Overview

Week 2: Foundation of Counselling

Week 3: Understanding Human Differences/Psychology

Week 4: Counselling Theories (part 1)

Week 5: Person of the Counselor/ Self Concept

Week 6: Christian Counselling & Counselling Skills

Week 7: Understanding Mental Health & Counselling Observation

Week 8: Grief Counselling & Pre- Marital Counselling

Week 9: Marriage &Family Counselling & Sexual Abuse Counselling

Week 10: Trauma Counselling (Part 1) & Sex Therapy

Week 11: Children Counselling & Career

Week 12: Ethical Considerations & Report Writing & Suicide Counselling

Week 13: Examination

Required Books

*Course lecture materials are provided (as attachment below) to print out as well as some other readings/ assessments

*Students must purchase separately: Love Executioner & other tales of Psychotherapy by Elvin Yalom

Course Tutor & Assignments

Once you had logged in, send a mail in and your tutor would contact you. You are to engage your tutor, in case of any difficulties with any of the modules or assignments. Your assignments also to be submitted to your tutor weekly or ahead, any delay from 24hours after the expected turn in of assignments gets you 10 points off your marks.